About us

Since 1992 ART-Line has established its services in the graphic arts industry as an authentic and multitalented partner.
Our core business is the trade of machines and materials for the production of high security printing products. Our supply ranges from the design to quality assurance tests of such products and includes all materials.

We operate independent of machine manufacturers, material factories and system integrators.

Our customers appreciate sophisticated acknowledgement of the broad range of technical solutions and state of the art manufacturing.

We are only bound to serve the customers’ individual needs.

We primarily cooperate with government organizations around the world and offer services for:

  • e-Passport and e-ID Card production according ICAO and ISO
  • Visa sticker production
  • Banknote production and converting
  • Tax stamp production and traceability
  • Postal stamps
  • Security paper manufacturing
  • Other security documents as i.e. driver licenses
  • Lottery tickets, certificates, governmental and official documents
  • Security features and design for security printing documents
  • Personalisation and numbering equipment for security printing documents
  • Entire security printing plants
  • Equipment, software, consumables
  • Quality assurance and management
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems – MES


Art-Line Projekt GmbH

took over all business activities of Art-Line Handels GmbH in the beginning of 2005. This including the personnel under new management.

Founded: June 2002 (ART-Line Handels GmbH, June 1992)

Staff: 7

Correspondence languages:
Russian, English, Spanish and German

Since 1992 the philosophy of ART-Line is to build confidence combined with the development of solutions for our worldwide customers. Our highly-qualified and ambitious employees are actually the real background for our achievements and success.