Agfa Arziro Design

Arziro Design is a powerful security design tool that enables you to create complex and unique security designs that discourage forgers from attacking your assets. It runs as a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator on Mac and PC.

With the availability of new technologies, counterfeiting is on the rise, posing serious risks to businesses, governments and individuals worldwide. As a powerful security design tool that generates personalized, copy-proof elements, Arziro Design helps protect counterfeit-sensitive documents or items from forgery, and lets high-security designers create realistic mock-ups for tenders.

Arziro Design runs as a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator on Mac and PC, enabling in-house document or brand protection and full creative freedom in a known software environment. Pushing the boundaries of security design, complexity and discretion, Arziro Design users can choose from pre-defined parameters or create customized ones.

The latest upgrade of Arziro Design (version 4.0) offers a new tool to create very complex guilloches. It also adds functionality to several tools, which improves productivity and allows for the creation of more complex designs. In addition, the Arziro Design Plus version for government entities, institutions, validated security printers, and security designers offers rainbow-printing capabilities.

Different tools for many possibilities
  • Complete set of security design tools to create complex, fraud-deterring designs.
  • Runs as a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator on Mac and PC, driving optimal creativity in a known software environment.
  • Ease of use and efficiency to achieve high-level productivity
  • Brings security design in-house, resulting in more control, full integration and reduced design costs.
  • Can be applied to create secure designs printed in offset, flexo, digital, and more, with various output resolutions.
  • Offers greater flexibility as it easily integrates with additional software, such as Arziro Anti-Copy (availability depending on region) and Arziro Authenticate.
  • Comes in a Plus version that is specifically developed for government entities, certified security printers and designers.


Unique anti-forgery software

While many anti-counterfeiting efforts tend to overlook graphic design, Arziro Design acknowledges it as one of the most basic and important elements of document and brand protection. Inspired by high- security software, it incorporates the aspect of security into the initial step of document or product creation.

A multitude of design tools

Rather than using standard vector graphics software to create security elements – often time-consuming and definitely not copy-proof – opt for Arziro Design. It is your best ally in battling forgery, enabling you to create complex and reliable security designs as well as realistic mock-ups of high-security documents.

Only with the inventive combination of many techniques can you create a total, multi-layered anti-forgery solution. Arziro Design is your ultimate assistant in this layering process as it transforms existing pictures and design elements into complex forgery-proof security elements. Arziro Design contains the following modules:

  • Special Rasters, including the Line Raster, Select Raster, Trafo Raster, and Dither Raster
  • Special Reliefs, including the tools Quick Background and Numismatics
  • The Crystal Patterns tool
  • The Path Definition module
  • The Line/Object Generator
  • The Guilloche Library
  • The Guilloche Generator [NEW]
  • The utilities Multiply and Opposite Ink Selector
  • The Smart Selection tool (Plus version only)
  • The Arziro Blend module (Plus version only)
  • The Rainbow tool [NEW] (Plus version only)

Plug-in for Adobe Illustrator Mac and PC

Running as a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator on Mac and PC, Arziro Design offers a straightforward and easy-to-use anti-counterfeiting solution. Image color conversions are performed on the fly, while settings are applied to the design in real time and creations can be easily adapted, as they are regular Illustrator elements.

Arziro Design 4.0 improvements

The new Arziro Design release builds on the strengths of its pre-cursors and adds functionality to several modules such as the preview option in the Multiply tool, support for dynamic symbols, random selections in the Smart Selection module…

Guilloches are traditional design elements often required in security designs. A library of guilloches was already available in Arziro Design, but this release also includes a comprehensive guilloche generator module. The custom-made guilloches can be made even more secure by applying other security modules such as Line Raster, Path Definition…

Rainbow or iris printing is a special coloring process used in security printing to prevent accurate color separation or illegal reproduction of the document by subtly merging colors into each other, resulting in a gradual color change. With the new rainbow functionality (Arziro Design Plus), designers can apply rainbow colors to elements, create proofs with rainbow and generate proper output for print.