Single card inspection

Control the quality and data integrity of your cards – be smart!


Offline single card inspection solution example:

Aiming for high quality levels is an ambitious goal which requires continuous control and supervision. Let us introduce an affordable solution to get EVERY single card of your product range checked for meeting your standard BEFORE it leaves the factory. Document production needs a multi-control technology as:

 IC check dead or alive | Data comparison |  Print quality |  surface control etc.


Example scratch detection:


 Example print inspection:

Axode3 Axode4


Axode6 Axode5


Inline single card inspection whilst card body production process:

Our Inline solutions offer recording and tracking of the IC’s serial number and its unique identification and provides means of comparison between its condition at the beginning and the end of production process. The electrical test sorts out dysfunctional cards and may permit further classification, depending upon the test option. The system optionally provides an interface for submitting the collected data to an external system. Short list of functions:

UID reading and documentation | UID IN-OUT Comparison |Visual control of print register and security features| Thickness control | Chip/Transponder position

Example print register and chip position control:

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