CPM – Chip Module Processing Machine

Initialisation and prepersonalisation of contact-based and contactless chip modules

The CPM is the perfect turnkey chip module initialisation and personalisation solution for development, testing and prepersonalisation of contact-based and contactless chip modules. It is an industrially proven and cost effective solution for labs, chip card production facilities and chip OS / Applet development.


  • Initialzation of contact and contact less chip modules
    • ISO 14443 A/B contactless chip modules e.g. Infineon SLE78, NXP P5CD080, NXP P60
    • MOA2 / MCC8
    • ISO 7816 6 and 8 contact-based chip modules
    • Dual Interface
  • Flexibility
    • Up to 2 independent encoding head postions
    • Cutomiseable encoding heads
  • Optical inspection
  • Bad part punch
  • Reel-to-Reel handling of 35mm tapes
  • Compact equipment, dimensions 140cm x 50cm, desktop operation
  • Low noise, operates with mail power only, no pneumatics needed.
  • Optional integrated industrial PC and touch panel
  • Software and SupportMachine control interface
  • Network monitoring
  • PC/SC, C# libraries available
  • Optional housing, safety features available
Contactless chip module encoding head with 21 positions


  • Prepersonalisation
  • OS / Applet loading
  • Security Key Exchange
  • Development and quality control
  • Chip module tracking, 0 balance
  • Generation of UID lists
  • Verification of incoming goods