Print inspection

100% Quality Inspection

by means of camera system with unique software algorithms; 100% Sorting: weeding out of substandard products; 100% approved and documented quality.


Solution example 1:

Detectable Defects:

  • Print defects incl. position and register; colour; under/overinking
  • Text as missing characters and missing accents
  • Material imperfections; size
  • Die cutting defects
  • Hot foil stamping defects e.g. completeness
  • Markings, scratches, damages, dirt
  • etc.

Example Print defects:


Example Hot foil stamping defects:

hot foil stamping defect


InspectionDouble side inspection

Solution Example 2:

Document inspection and sorting system – Quality control, sorting and packing of high security documents.


Quality Control

  • Complete front- and backside verification
  • UV- and IR verification
  • OCR- and barcode verification
  • Logo and emblem recognition


  • Selective grouping of paper stacks
  • Grouping by numbers or selectively by database connection


  • Various packaging possibilities
  • Banding and cross-banding
  • Inserting in enevelopes
  • Packaging in boxes

Printing of delivery notes, packaging lists and transport labels

Optional: label attachment, hot stamping unit, ink-jet printing